Dengue cases continue to rise; 628 cases reported last week, says NEA

Dengue cases in Singapore remain on an upward trend.
Dengue cases in Singapore remain on an upward trend.ST PHOTO: ALPHONSUS CHERN

SINGAPORE - Dengue cases continued to rise sharply after the turn of the new year, with 628 cases reported for the week of Jan 10 to 16.

This was an increase of more than 80 cases compared to the previous week, according to the latest figures published on the National Environment Agency's (NEA) dengue website.

Another 193 cases have been reported between Jan 17 and 19 as of 3.30pm.

As of Tuesday (Jan 19), there were 132 dengue clusters. Thirty-one of these clusters have been designated red zones, which are high risk areas with 10 or more dengue cases.

The rest were yellow zones.

Pinpointing the change in the main circulating virus and the increase in the mosquito population due to warmer weather as probable reasons for the spike, the agency has urged members of the public to take immediate action.

The El Nino phenomenon has also contributed to warmer than usual conditions, which support faster breeding and maturation cycles of the Aedes mosquitoes, NEA added.


According to NEA, the key to preventing mosquito breeding is to eradicate breeding habitats at the source.

Residents with vases should check their premises daily and those with plants in vases should change the water and scrub the inside of the vases every other day.

Those infected with dengue should also apply repellent regularly to check the spread of the virus.

Latest updates on the dengue situation can be found at the Stop Dengue Now Facebook page, at or the myENV app.