EMTM Annual Awards 2016: Feature Picture of the Year

SINGAPORE - The Straits Times won Feature Picture of the Year at the Singapore Press Holdings' (SPH) annual awards ceremony for its English, Malay and Tamil Media Group on Wednesday (March 22).

Executive photojournalist Ng Sor Luan, 38, bagged the award with her photograph of fitness enthusiast Ngai Hin Kwok, 67, performing a gravity-defying act. The picture was published in December last year.

Ngai, a semi-retired jeweller, makes moves with names like front lever, human flag and muscle-up look like a piece of cake, though in truth they require the strength of one's core, upper and lower body that even young men and women might not have.

"Fit and swinging at 67" by Ng Sor Luan (The Straits Times, Dec 15, 2016)