EMTM Annual Awards 2016: Best Video of the Year

A small Hindu shrine used by workers of Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) is still being used even though the KTM railway operation in Singapore ceased in 2011.

SINGAPORE - Straits Times multimedia editor and videographer Basil Edward Teo, who won Best Video of the Year at ST's annual journalism awards, wanted people to know that Singapore is a place with culture and character.

Thus his 10-part series Living City, which explores overlooked spaces and the people who dwell in them.

Mr Teo, 28, won Best Video of the Year at the 2016 Singapore Press Holdings'  English/Malay/Tamil Media (EMTM) annual awards for this video "Living City: Devoted to a shrine long after last train is gone".

The video, published on Dec 6 last year, follows a temple devotee, Mr Adaikalam Annadhurai, who still prays at a small shrine along the former Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) railway track.

That episode was to Mr Teo, a "mini modern Singapore story", as it dealt with Singapore's constant struggle with change and urbanisation. 

"That meant a lot to me, it also got some traction online, and follow up from different media," he said.

The Sri Thandavaalam Muneeswaran Alayam Shrine is hidden from view under a flyover. Mr Teo, who took close to three weeks to shoot and edit the video, had to deduce its location from photos posted online.

The video was up against two others: The New Paper's "Chef learning to walk after bike crash left him paralysed" video by Ms Sukmawati Uma Litak and Ms Foo Jie Ying; and Berita Harian's video "Cacat penglihatan bukan halangan cari pendapatan" (Being blind does not prevent him from working) by Mr Fakhruradzi Ismail and Ms Siti Aisyah Nordin.