EMTM Annual Awards 2016: Best Interactive Infographics

SINGAPORE - ST Digital's team bagged the Best Interactive Infographics of the year at the 2016 annual awards for Singapore Press Holdings' English/Malay/Tamil Media (EMTM) group.

The infographics "Tracking down Singapore's unsold private homes", by Ms Rebecca Pazos, Mr Yime Benites, Ms Winnie Chong and Mr Rodolfo Pazos, tracked down the locations of the unsold units and looked at what caused the oversupply.

Of the 31,362 new private units set for completion in 2016 and 2017, 7,482 units - or 23.9 per cent - still had not found a buyer.

Making sense of the housing data and presenting the complex information in maps and charts took the team about a month.

Also nominated in the category was The New Paper's interactive infographics for Budget 2016, done by Ms Marie Lim.

"It's the comments from our readers that really give our team's work value. Members of the real estate industry and the local data visualisation community both cited this as a good example," said Ms Pazos, 29. "They even encouraged us to update it throughout the year. It was nice to have been able to create a useful data tool for the public."