Students set local record with illuminated T-shirts

SINGAPORE - Some 180 people wearing shirts studded with LED lights, mostly primary and secondary school students, gathered at the Science Centre Singapore on Thursday .

They were there to set a local record for the most number of people wearing illuminated T-shirts, marking the close of the month-long Singapore Science Festival.

Before the record-setting attempt, students learnt to program and code the LED lights at workshops sponsored by Microsoft.

They then personalised plain T-shirts with lights in a design of their choosing.

"The fact that even our clothes can be individualised with programmable LEDs shows how science has advanced and enabled us to do more than what we could before," said Science Centre chief executive Lim Tit Meng.

"Our students have not only learnt to program their own designs on LEDs, but were also able to combine their creative and artistic side to their newly acquired skills."