Solved Cheryl's birthday? Here are other problems to puzzle over

SINGAPORE - If you are plugged in to the World Wide Web, you should know when Cheryl's birthday is by now.

If you still don't, you can read about the cryptic maths puzzle from Singapore on The Straits Times, The Guardian, The New York Times, BBC, Buzzfeed and other websites.

To recap, a mathematical problem in the yearly contest organised by the Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiads was leaked and went on to baffle the world.

The solution, which some say is also baffling, is now available on numerous websites as well.

For those who have already noted Cheryl's birthday in their calendar, and are suffering from withdrawal symptoms, here are other puzzles that have also been making the rounds online:

1. The puzzle preschoolers can solve

Click here for the answer

2. Who will shout first?

Click here for the answer

3. The Einstein Riddle

Click here for the answer

4. Mr Wang's shoes

Click here for the answer

5. The blue-eyed islanders

Click here for the answer

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