Simpler administrative processes for private schools from Nov 2

SINGAPORE - The administrative processes for private schools offering certain training courses, such as for upgrading skills, will be streamlined from Wednesday (Nov 2).

SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) said in a statement that this applies to Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) training courses and other certifiable courses under SSG.

With the streamlining, private education institutions will only need to submit one application and pay one fee for various administrative processes like applying to offer new courses.

SSG said this would result in cost savings for schools that are also WSQ-approved training organisations.

Mr Ng Cher Pong, chief executive of SSG, said that "the streamlined process is the first step in our efforts to harmonise our processes and reduce the administrative burden for private education institutions".

One of the newly formed statutory board's priorities is to streamline accreditation and quality assurance systems to better regulate the private education and adult education sector.

Earlier in August, Parliament passed two laws to form SSG and Workforce Singapore, which are restructured from the Workforce Development Agency.

Currently, private schools that want to offer new private education courses or renew their registration have to seek approval from the Committee for Private Education (CPE), which comes under SSG, through an online business licensing portal called LicenceOne.

Private education institutions that want to get funding for WSQ and other certifiable courses, as well as WSQ accreditation, now apply for approval from SSG through the SkillsConnect online portal.

To simplify some of the administrative processes for private schools, SSG said that from Wednesday, private schools can seek approval for WSQ accreditation, funding, and permission to offer private education courses through the SkillsConnect portal with a single application.

The schools will not have to separately apply for permission to offer new certifiable courses from the CPE through the LicenceOne online business licensing portal.

In line with this simplification, registration fees payable by both private schools and new WSQ approved training organisations, will be aligned and set at $535.

This means new private schools that want to apply to become a WSQ-approved training organisation pay just one fee of $535, which SSG said is a fee reduction of $400.

Another streamlining move will have existing private schools that are WSQ-approved training organisations renew their registration through e-mail, after they have been notified by SSG.

The renewal registration fee will be waived for them and the schools will similarly enjoy cost savings of $400.

Also, before the streamlining, registered private education institutions that offer WSQ training courses and other certifiable courses had to pay $20 per course permission application and $20 per teacher notification. With the streamlined process, they do not need to pay these fees any more.

New and existing private schools that do not offer WSQ programmes will still apply for registration and renewal of their registration through the LicenceOne portal. The revised registration fee and renewal fee are now $535 each.

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