Primary 1 registration starts on July 2

SINGAPORE - Registration for children starting Primary 1 next year will commence on July 2, and end on Aug 27.

All primary schools will open for registration from 8am to 11am, and 2.30pm to 4.30pm from Mondays to Fridays during the registration period. Three new primary schools - Oasis Primary, Punggol Cove Primary and Waterway Primary - will also be taking in pupils from next year.

Children born between Jan 2, 2009 and Jan 1, 2010 have to be registered at the exercise for admission to P1 next January, the Ministry of Education (MOE) said in a statement on Thursday (June 18).

The ministry will reserve 40 places in every primary school for registrants in Phase 2B and 2C - 20 places for each phase - to ensure "continued open access to all primary schools".

Phase 2B, which begins on July 20, is for children whose parents have volunteered in schools, have affiliations to churches or clan associations, or are active community leaders. Phase 2C, which starts on July 29, is for those with no links to the schools.

The earlier phases - 1 and 2A - are for children whose siblings are current and former pupils of the school, or for children whose parents attended the school.

When the applications exceed the number of vacancies available in a specific phase, places will be balloted according to the home-school distance category.

According to a new rule introduced in May this year, children who gain priority admission to schools based on distance have to live at the address for at least 2.5 years from the start of the registration exercise. Previously, no time period was stipulated by MOE.

The cohort size for 2016 is similar to that of this year, the ministry noted in the statement. It added: "There will be sufficient school places for all eligible Primary 1 students on a regional and nationalwide basis."

The list of schools and vacancies available can be found on the MOE website at