Paving the way

Mr Yang Chang Jye takes an important step towards his career goals with a master's degree from Murdoch University at Kaplan

For Mr Yang, the knowledge he acquired from the programme is serving him well even in his current job.
For Mr Yang, the knowledge he acquired from the programme is serving him well even in his current job. PHOTO: KAPLAN

Mr Yang Chang Jye intends to work in human resources (HR) some day, because he feels that his strength lies in people management.           

Knowing that having the right academic qualifications will help pave the way, Mr Yang, 36, took his first step towards his goal two years ago.           

He enrolled in Murdoch University’s Master in Human Resources Management part-time programme at Kaplan and graduated last September.

Quality curriculum

Mr Yang says: “Murdoch University’s Strategic Decision-making module gave me an in-depth view of the various strategies that companies use to stay viable in a competitive business environment.”           

The programme’s elective module — Business, Society and Environment — also offered thought-provoking insights on the small steps that individuals and corporations can take to reduce pollution, food wastage and save the environment.           

Says Mr Yang: “The Human Resource Management Perspectives module also stood out. It offered me a bird’s eye view of human resources management from the perspectives of HR practitioners and line managers.”           

Currently a manager handling community engagement work at a government agency, he has yet to make the switch to HR. Yet, his newfound knowledge is serving him well even in his current job.           

“I managed to apply the principles that I learned in the Dispute Management module in my work,” he says.           

“The lessons I learned were useful in defusing conflicts at the workplace, and helped me to manage stakeholders.”

Working hard

To juggle studies and family life, he drew up a daily schedule and planned ahead of time.           

He persisted despite the challenges because he believes his degree will be useful in preparing him for the next phase of his career.