MDIS to set up overseas campus in Chennai

The Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) will be setting up a campus in Chennai, India, the school's third one overseas.
The Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) will be setting up a campus in Chennai, India, the school's third one overseas.PHOTO: BERITA HARIAN

SINGAPORE - The Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) is headed to Chennai to set up its third overseas campus, the private institute said on Wednesday.

The campus, which will require an investment of $10 million to set up, will be a joint venture between MDIS and the Vels Institute of Science, Technology, and Advanced Studies (VELS) University in Chennai, a private institution offering programmes such as maritime studies and law.

The Chennai campus will take in its first batch of at least 100 students in October. It will offer MDIS diploma, degree, and post-graduate programmes ranging from accounting to banking and finance.

The first few batches of students will study inVELS University for the time being. Work on MDIS' permanent campus will begin next July, and is expected to take in up to 2,000 students when completed.

At a media briefing on Wednesday at the MDIS campus in Stirling Road, Dr Ishari Ganesh, founder and chancellor of VELS University, said he was pleased to partner MDIS.

"[The joint venture] is definitely going to be a successful one," he said.

Dr R. Theyvendran, secretary-general of MDIS, said the management had decided to enter India as it was buoyed by the success of its two other overseas campuses in Malaysia and Uzbekistan.

"Our two existing overseas campuses are doing well... This is the reason why we are taking bold steps and investing in this third overseas campus in India," he said.

MDIS set up its first overseas campus in Tashkent in Uzbekistan in 2008, and entered Johor Baru in 2013.

The Tashkent campus, which was built to take in 2,300 students, now has 2,200 people studying there.

Dr Theyvendran added that MDIS is now looking to expand its Tashkent campus to take in more students, and hopes to ramp up its student numbers to 4,000.

Over in Malaysia, MDIS had recently received approval to start recruiting international students. Dr Theyvendran expects this to lead to a growth in student numbers, from the current 300.

The Malaysian students there are now studying in a temporary campus in the Johor Baru City Square mall, and will move to the permanent campus in EduCity in Iskandar next year.

While MDIS hopes to enter other markets in the region, Dr Theyvendran said he is taking it slow.

"We don't want to chew off too much. Let us stabilise the Malaysian and Indian campus. I think our resources are stretched," he said.

"I don't want our quality to ever diminish."