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How is National Library different from National Library Board?

National Library at Victoria Street
The National Library building at Victoria Street. PHOTO: NATIONAL LIBRARY BOARD

Many people think the National Library and the National Library Board (NLB) are the same thing, but they’re not. NLB is actually a statutory board that is made up of three main parts: Public libraries, the National Library, and the National Archives of Singapore.

The public libraries are the lending libraries, while the National Archives preserves materials in various forms. The National Library is in fact the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library, which preserves content of Singapore’s published heritage.

The main roles of the National Library include archiving – that is, collecting and preserving knowledge about Singapore – and also making the nation’s heritage and history accessible to the public. To do this, the National Library digitises its materials and holds regular exhibitions. This provides easy access to its collections, raises awareness of Singapore’s history, and helps Singaporeans develop a deep appreciation of their nation’s rich heritage.

What's new on MusicSG?

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  • Remember the haunting tunes of The Awakening (雾锁南洋), one of Singapore’s earliest Chinese dramas? Relive the feelings with songs from the hit 1984 TV series. 
  • You can’t get more Singaporean than with Xinyao (literally, “Singapore songs”), a genre unique to the Lion City, with hits like 太傻, 青春 1, 2, 3, and 星空下.
  • Go back in time with songs by veteran singers Poon Sow Keng (潘秀琼), the “Queen of Alto”, and crooner Huang Qing Yuan, the “Elvis of Singapore”, and you’ll soon discover why the oldies are truly goldies. 

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