Couple running Sweetlands childcare chain made unauthorised deductions from CDA accounts

A Sweetlands branch in Woodlands.

SINGAPORE - A couple running the Sweetlands childcare centre chain has been found to have made unauthorised withdrawals from the Child Development Accounts (CDA) of several children under their care.

They have also made wrongful claims for childcare subsidies from the Government, said the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) in a statement on Wednesday evening.

The couple, Madam Chan Chew Shia and Mr Ho Boon Hong, have been served a notice of intention to revoke them of their status as Approved Person.

Unless they provide satisfactory reasons within 14 days as to why this status should not be revoked, they will no longer be authorised to make any deductions from CDAs.

Typically, centres that are approved under the Baby Bonus Scheme can deduct money from these accounts to pay for childcare and other related fees.

The ministry conducts regular audits to make sure that there are no irregularities in claims made.

"All centres will continue to operate, as there are no issues in terms of the safety or well-being of the children," said MSF.

"We have contacted the parents whose children are enrolled in Sweetlands centres to explain the situation and provide the necessary support and assurance."

The Ministry added that it has referred the matter to the police. Any person convicted of breaching the Child Development Co-savings Regulations may face of a fine of up to $20,000.