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ESSEC’s new programmes will better equip students for emerging challenges, says Prof Yong.
ESSEC’s new programmes will better equip students for emerging challenges, says Prof Yong. PHOTO: CHONG JUN LIANG

ESSEC Business School helps nurture outstanding entrepreneurial mindsets

To keep pace with the recent transformations in the business world, ESSEC Business School’s Global MBA programme has been extensively redesigned and will accept its first intake in Singapore come September.

This new programme caters to high-potential leaders aiming to fast-track their careers in today’s rapidly changing business world.

It is designed to help participants develop creative and problem-solving skills in various business environments that are characterised by digital disruption across different specialisations and multicultural settings.

During this one-year full-time programme, ESSEC will leverage its global capabilities and offer six areas of specialisations across two campuses in France and Singapore.

These include strategy and management, digital business, entrepreneurship and innovation, finance, hospitality management, and international luxury brand management.

This Global MBA programme is also designed in consultation with the ESSEC Global MBA Alliance of Strategic Partners.

Presided over by Mr Pierre Nanterme, chairman and chief executive officer of Accenture, this alliance comprises leading business leaders such as Mr Olivier Chavy, chief executive officer of Movenpick Hotels & Resorts; Mr Robert Vassoyan, president of Cisco France; and  Mr Bruno Pavlovsky, Chanel’s fashion president.

New courses

Two other postgraduate courses  — MSc in Marketing Management and Digital, and MSc in Data Sciences & Business Analytics — will be launched in September as well.

The MSc in Marketing Management and Digital is designed to help participants develop a solid foundation in marketing techniques and methodologies across the entire marketing spectrum.  The MSc in Data Sciences & Business Analytics provides participants with an in-depth global understanding of the technological and business challenges underlying the digital evolution era. Plus, it helps them to master the science of data and the techniques of business analytics.

Associate Professor Kevyn Yong, dean of ESSEC Asia-Pacific, says the new programmes will better equip students for emerging challenges. These include the growing demand for skills in big data and business analytics, as well as the importance of digital marketing for businesses of all sizes, and the increasing pace of automation of jobs.

The international mix of students at ESSEC is also an asset.

Prof Yong, 42, who is also Associate Professor of Management at ESSEC, says: “The approach to innovation and effective digital business strategies could take very different forms in different cultures.

“Hence, being exposed to a very international group of classmates would provide the opportunity for participants to further develop and deepen their skills and knowledge that were acquired from their home cultures.”

Wide variety

Established in Paris, France, in 1907, ESSEC set up its Asia-Pacific campus in 2005.

Since then, the Singapore-based Asia-Pacific branch has helped more than 5,500 students and professionals achieve career success.

Prof Yong says: “ESSEC offers a wide variety of degree programmes for those who value a unique learning experience designed to help them strengthen their talent and to unlock their potential to become truly global leaders.”

Full-time degree programmes include the Executive MBA, Global MBA, Global BBA, and Master of Science in Management. There are also a variety of specialised master’s programmes, in Finance, Management of Health Industries, and Advanced Master in Strategy and Management of International Business.