Balloting in Phase 2A2 likely at five primary schools

Nan Hua Primary is one of the five  primary schools this year that may be facing a ballot next week.
Nan Hua Primary is one of the five primary schools this year that may be facing a ballot next week.PHOTO: NAN HUA PRIMARY SCHOOL

SINGAPORE - Parents hoping to place their six-year-olds in five of the most popular primary schools this year may face a ballot next week.

These schools are CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School, Nanyang Primary, Nan Hua Primary, Red Swastika School and Catholic High School.

A total of 29 schools were left with fewer than half of their vacancies after Phase 2A1, the second of seven Primary 1 registration stages, closed on Wednesday (July 5). This is 10 more schools than last year.

The phase, which follows Phase 1 for children with siblings currently in the school, is for children whose parents had joined the school alumni association at least one year ago, or who are on the school advisory committee.

The next phase, 2A2, is for children whose parents or siblings are former pupils, or whose parent is a staff member at the school. Registration starts next Tuesday (July 11) and ends on Wednesday (July 12).

A rule introduced in 2014 which requires all primary schools to set aside 40 places for children in the later stages, may also put a squeeze on places available for the next phase. The 40 places will be split equally between children registering in Phases 2B and 2C.

Phase 2B is for children whose parents are school volunteers, active community leaders or have ties with church or clan associations directly connected with the schools; Phase 2C is for children with no ties to schools.

After reserving the 40 places, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School has only seven spots left for Phase 2A2, after 95 children registered this week.

Nanyang Primary has 10, and Nan Hua Primary has 19 places, for Phase 2A2, while Red Swastika School has 23 and Catholic High has 31 spots left for Phase 2A2.