Ask Sandra: ST's senior education correspondent Sandra Davie answers your education queries

Q: There is an enhanced SingPass now. Can I still register my child for Primary 1 online if I do not complete the new SingPass one-time account setup?

A: From last year, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has been allowing parents to use the Primary One Internet System to register their children during Phase 2C - the fifth of seven stages of the registration exercise for children with no links to the school - and 2C Supplementary - for children who have not secured a spot after Phase 2C.

They have to use their SingPass - an account that enables users to access government services online - to do so. From July 5, the SingPass has been enhanced to better protect about 200 e-services, such as those dealing with personal, financial or health data, from 70 government agencies.

Parents who intend to register their children online should update their enhanced SingPass before the start of online registration for Phase 2C on July 28. The account update can be done at Parents who have not done so will be prompted to do so during their child's online registration.

They can then either complete the account update or skip the account setup (by choosing the "Do not have mobile number" option) and continue to register their child using the online system.

Parents who do not wish to make an online registration can continue to go to their school of choice for registration.

Q: If a school has to move to a temporary site, which address will be used to determine the distance between the school and the home to decide on priority in the Primary 1 registration exercise?

A: If a school receives more applications than its number of available places, it will need to allocate spots by giving priority to citizens and those who live nearer to the school.

If the school moves to a holding site while waiting for its permanent site to be upgraded or rebuilt, the permanent site will be used to determine the distance.

Q: My child was born on Jan 1, 2010. Can I choose to register him next year instead of this year?

A: Under the Compulsory Education Act, children born between Jan 2, 2009 and Jan 1, 2010 (including both dates) must register this year, for entry to Primary 1 next year.

If you feel your child is not ready and would like to defer his entry into Primary 1, you have to write in to MOE's Compulsory Education Unit for approval.

Q: My child was born on Jan 5, 2010 and is gifted. Can I register him this year for Primary 1, since children born on Jan 1, just a few days before his date of birth, are asked to register this year?

A: No. The MOE adheres strictly to the policy of admitting children when they are at least six years old on Jan 1 in the year of admission to Primary 1.

Q: I was divorced recently. Do I need to produce my divorce certificate and child custody order when I register my child?

A: Yes. You will need to produce the relevant documents.

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