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A sign directing parents to the primary one registration phase 2C at South View Primary School on Aug 6, 2013.
A sign directing parents to the primary one registration phase 2C at South View Primary School on Aug 6, 2013.PHOTO: ST FILE

Q: If there are more applicants than places in Phase 2C, do Singaporeans living outside a 2km radius get priority over permanent residents living within 2km of the school?

A: All children with Singapore citizenship will be admitted first in Phase 2C, which is for those with no links to schools.

The remaining vacancies, if any, will then be allocated to permanent residents based on the proximity of their homes to the school. Balloting will be required if the number of citizens applying exceeds the number of places in that phase.

Q: Looks like the school I will be registering my child in will have to conduct balloting for Phase 2C. How is the priority scheme applied in case of balloting?

A: If the number of applications exceeds the number of places and balloting is required, priority will be given in this order: children who are citizens living within 1km of the school; citizens living between 1km and 2km away; citizens living outside 2km; permanent residents (PRs) living within 1km; PRs living between 1km and 2km away; and PRs living outside 2km.

Q: I am aware of the new 30-month rule but I live in a rental property. My lease expires in a year and I am not sure whether the landlord will renew it. Can I still use the address to register my child?

A: Under the new rule that starts this year, children have to live at the address used for registration for at least 30 months from the start of the Primary 1 registration exercise.

You should make arrangements to extend your lease accordingly, such that your child lives at the address for at least 30 months from July 2.

If this rule is not met, the Ministry of Education may transfer your child to another school.

Q: I am registering my twins for Primary 1 this year. If there is balloting, what happens if one gets in and the other does not? Or will they be balloted together?

A: Yes, if there is balloting, your twins will be allotted one number. If it is picked, both your children will be admitted to the school.

Q: What if I register my child in a school on the first day of Phase 2C and then change my mind? Can I withdraw the earlier application and try another school?

A: Yes, you can. To register your child in another school under Phase 2C, you need to withdraw your application in person from the first school and then proceed to your other school of choice to register. Both parents' identity cards have to be produced at the schools.

Q: My child is not a citizen or PR. Can I register my child in a local school during the ongoing Primary 1 registration exercise?

A: Yes, you can register your child under Phase 3. But you should note that admission is not guaranteed as there are limited places left after places are allocated to children who are citizens and PRs.

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