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A look at the stories behind the SUTD campus

The Singapore University of Technology and Design campus opens officially on Friday. Here is a look back at the stories behind the design and layout of Singapore's fourth public university.

Jackie Chan's heritage buildings stand regally on SUTD campus

Four antique Chinese buildings donated by film star Jackie Chan stand regally on the grounds of their new home at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, even as final touches are being put on new buildings around the Changi campus.

These structures will officially open on May 8 - along with the rest of the school at 8 Somapah Road. It was previously housed at Dover Drive, beginning in 2011.

Restoration work on the collection of buildings, which includes a pavilion, an opera stage, and two houses named Da Tong and Du Zhe after places in China's Zhejiang province, started in October two years ago. READ MORE HERE

SUTD hopes to realise 'open campus' vision

BUDDING technopreneurs pitching ideas to industry veterans over coffee.

Lunchtime talks on modern design in rare Ming and Qing dynasty houses donated by movie star Jackie Chan.

These are part of the vision of an "open, 24/7" campus laid out by the provost of the new Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). READ MORE HERE

Students live and learn in pods and voids

Student interaction at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) is not limited to school hours and on the academic campus but spills into the three student residential blocks as well.

The three blocks, which will have 470 rooms, have specially designed interactive spaces in the form of pods and voids that dot the three blocks.

"Students can interact and socialise with one another and these spaces become an environment for creativity," says Mr Look Boon Gee, managing director of Look Architects. READ MORE HERE

Campus connectivity

Plenty of interaction. That is what students at the upcoming Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) will have when their new campus near Changi Business Park is ready by 2014.

Unlike the other three universities, Singapore's publicly funded fourth university is doing away with individual buildings for different disciplines.

Instead, classrooms, laboratories and meeting rooms, which will be used by students from the various courses, are spread over four connecting blocks. READ MORE HERE

Lee Kuan Yew bust unveiled at SUTD

A bronze bust of former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew was unveiled yesterday at the Singapore University of Technology and Design.

The sculpture, cast by contemporary French artist-sculptor Nacera Kainou, was an early birthday present to Mr Lee from the Lyon- Singapore Association and the municipality of Lyon. READ MORE HERE

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