E-scooter catches fire near Lorong Chuan, sending sparks shooting 2 storeys high

Police and SCDF arrived on the scene shortly after. PHOTO: SANDRA TAN

SINGAPORE - An electric scooter caught fire in a Braddell Heights estate on Friday (Sept 22) night, with sparks from the flame shooting two storeys high, according to eyewitnesses.

Mrs Sandra Tan, who lives right across from 27 Sommerville Road where the e-scooter caught fire, told The Straits Times on Saturday that she was in her study room on the second floor when she heard "a very loud noise".

The housewife, who declined to reveal her age, said she saw a fire burning in front of the house across from hers.

"It shot up to the second storey, then there was an explosion," she said.

She asked her family to run out for their safety and called the police. She also went to some of her neighbours to tell them what happened, as she was afraid the fire would spread.

Mrs Tan said that the fire subsided and swelled a few times before the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) arrived and put it out.

Police officers also questioned a young man in black, she said, whom she says was the e-scooter rider.

Another neighbour, Mrs Joanna Chan, told The Straits Times that she thought it was fireworks at first, because of the sparks, that sprung up to two or even three storeys high.

"From the angle we were watching from, it wasn't very clear what was burning," she said. "We heard a mini explosion and I saw a spark go into my neighbour Sandra's place. We were quite worried."

The housewife in her 50s said a fire engine arrived, followed by the police, who dispersed the crowd of about 40 people gathered near the fire.

Her neighbour Mrs Tan said the rider told her that the e-scooter's battery exploded. She added that she was very worried about the potential danger e-scooters may pose.

"E-scooters are now so popular and they are going to introduce e-scooter sharing. It's very dangerous," she said.

The pavement in front of the house where the fire occurred was charred, but no one was injured, she said.

Mrs Tan, who has lived there for about 20 years, said it was the first time she saw a fire in the vicnity.

SCDF told ST that it received a call at 10.48pm and dispatched a fire engine, two Red Rhinos, an ambulance and a fire bike to Sommerville Road.

SCDF extinguished the fire, which involved an e-scooter, with a fire extinguisher.

There were no injuries, and the cause of the fire is being investigated.

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