Driver Russ Swift goes fast and furious with his stunts

Tyres screech and rubber is burnt as stunt performer Russ Swift slips easily into the narrow confines of a parallel parking space, and swings his car into a reverse parking manoeuvre.

SINGAPORE - A deft turn. The screech of tyres. And the car slides swiftly into the narrow gap between two cars. 

While the average driver takes a few tries to manoeuvre his car into a parallel parking slot, 65-year-old stunt driver Russ Swift does it in one smooth stroke.

And he doesn't even break a sweat. 

The British driver has made it into the Guinness World Records for parallel parking in the tightest space. 

Despite his death-defying moves, the jovial driver says that he is a very safe driver on the roads.

He will be performing his stunts such as reverse and parallel parking, and even balancing on the two side wheels of Subaru cars, at the Singapore Motorshow 2017. 

The Russ Swift Stunt Show is on from Thursday (Jan 12) to Sunday (Jan 15) at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre. For details on the motorshow, go to