Do-it-yourself at Changi Airport

When Terminal 4 opens in 2017, travellers can bypass manned counters and go for self-service options for check-in, bag tagging and other processes. The aim is to cut queues, speed things up and rely less on manpower.

1 The first stop is a self-service kiosk to print the boarding pass and luggage tag.

2 • Before a traveller can drop his bag off for loading into aircraft, the system will prompt him to scan his boarding
pass and passport, and pose for a photo.

• It will be the rst time at Changi Airport that a facial-recognition system is used to ensure it is the same person moving from one station to another and that the photo matches the one in the passport.

3 To enter the restricted zone, travellers who are able to use the automated immigration lanes will be asked to scan their passports and boarding passes, register their thumbprints and pose for a photo again.

4 The next stop is a centralised security screening area where travellers deal with airport staff for the rst time. Security ofcers check for liquids, gels and aerosols in their hand luggage.

5 Travellers are free to shop and walk around after this.

6 Just before boarding, there is a nal scanning of the boarding pass and photo-taking.