Diploma course gives proper accreditation for security consultancy work

A security officer at a guard post of a condominium in Upper Bukit Timah on Feb 14, 2019.
A security officer at a guard post of a condominium in Upper Bukit Timah on Feb 14, 2019.PHOTO: ST FILE

SINGAPORE - With almost two decades of experience in the security industry, Ms Kelley Teo is confident when advising clients of the security systems and workflows they can implement to protect their premises and assets.

But even with her experience and position as a senior facilities manager at a security company, the 41-year-old still gets asked about her credentials.

"I usually tell them that my credentials are in showing results," said Ms Teo.

Still, to equip herself with the relevant skills and proper accreditation, Ms Teo decided to take up a specialist diploma in security consultancy that accepted its first 40 students in April this year.

The course by the Security Industry Institute at Temasek Polytechnic and the Singapore Police Force's Centre for Protective Security is the first certification of its kind for security consultants, whose role is to conduct security audits and assessments for facilities and devise plans to manage the assessed risks.

Security consultancy is a new career path that was introduced as part of the security industry's transformation map launched last year. In its announcement, the Government pledged to invest $10 million in the next three years to support technology and innovation in the industry, and improve skills acquisition and career progression.


The one-year diploma programme, involving night classes two to three times a week, covers topics like risk assessment, building security, and security technologies, and the aim is to train 250 consultants by 2021.

While her current job scope already involves aspects associated with security consultancy, Ms Teo is keen to get proper certification as a security consultant to improve her credibility.

"A lot of the skills that I have now were learnt on the job, but I think having this certification will give me an edge over others," she said.

For Mr Raymond Tan, 37, a data centre security manager, the course has given him a more in-depth understanding of the framework and principles of security consulting.

He has not had formal training in security-related skills and instead learnt them from colleagues and industry peers since joining the private security industry in 2011.

"This course will allow service buyers to have a sense of confidence when they reach out to us for security advice, and having such credentials will put them at ease," he said.