Different effects that make up this year's National Day Parade fireworks

Fireworks, seen from Marina Bay Sands.
Fireworks, seen from Marina Bay Sands.ST PHOTO: ONG WEE JIN

Fireworks dazzle and enthral no matter how many times you have seen them. Instead of saying "this red one is nice" or "the big golden one is impressive", wouldn't it be nice to be able to actually name the effects?

Here's a guide on how to identify and name some of these fireworks effects.

1. Peony

The Peony, the most common type of fireworks effect, is a spherical burst of single-coloured stars. Here, several different coloured peonies are set off together.

2. Willow

Resembling a chrysanthemum flower, the willow is large and has long trails of falling gold or silver stars that produce a soft, weeping willow-like effect.

3. Starmine 

A glowing bright ball of light that bursts into multi-coloured mini stars.

4. Crossette 

A cluster of stars, usually in gold, which disperse into four or five other stars in different directions leaving behind short trails.

5. Hearts

Look out for this year's special bursts in the form of hearts, SG50, a smiley face, the crescent moon and stars.

The best place to catch the fireworks will be at the Marina Bay area, in spots including Marina barrage, Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands, as the bulk of the fireworks will be set off from there.

Fireworks will also dazzle from the rooftop of seven buildings: the Adelphi, Maybank, Pan Pacific Singapore, Republic Plaza, Suntec Tower 1, Swissotel and UOB Plaza 1.