CPF e-services fully restored


SINGAPORE - The online services of the Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board have been completely restored, the Board said in a statement on Saturday (Dec 19).

The e-services came back online after a major disruption which lasted three weeks.

For about two weeks, members could only check and print their account balances, contribution and transaction history.

More than 90 per cent of online transactions were restored on Tuesday (Dec 15).

They were fully restored on Saturday (Dec 19).

The CPF Board warned that traffic to the site is high, and that members may experience slow or intermittent access.

"To ease the traffic on the website, members are encouraged to try logging in after 10pm for non-urgent enquiries," it said.


The CPF Board also said it will monitor the performance of the e-services system carefully, and expressed its "sincere appreciation to all members for their patience and understanding".

The CPF Board had said that the disruption was due to the malfunction of an "integration component" used by the website. The system was taken off-line as a safeguard.

Last year, 54 million transactions were carried out on the CPF website.

For inquiries and transactions, members and employers can e-mail CPF Board at member@cpf.gov.sg / employer@cpf.gov.sg or contact the CPF call centre on 1800-227-1188.