What to do when you are a close contact of a Covid-19 case

During the quarantine order period, you are required to do a self-administered antigen rapid test daily. ST PHOTO: CHONG JUN LIANG

SINGAPORE - With the rising number of Covid-19 positive cases, more Singaporeans will likely become close contacts of Covid-19-positive patients.

Here's what you should do:

1. Immediately go home and self-isolate in your own room, preferably in one with an attached bathroom. Keep the windows open to ensure ventilation. Do not have any physical contact with your household members.

2. You will need to be quarantined at your place of residence. However, if it is unsuitable, you will be quarantined at a government quarantine facility instead.

3. The quarantine order (QO) is for 10 days from the date of exposure. You are not allowed to go out except to travel to designated centres for your polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests. To ensure your well-being, you will be given instructions for access to 24/7 telemedicine service.

4. You are required to take PCR tests at the start and end of the 10-day QO.

Follow your electronic QO instructions to book your PCR tests online and attend the tests at a regional screening centre (RSC) near your home. Your doctor will inform you of your results within 24 to 48 hours. Alternatively, you may check your results via HealthHub.

5. At the regional screening centre, you will be given free antigen rapid test (ART) kits. During the entire QO period, you are required to do a self-administered ART daily and report the results by noon. Results are to be submitted at this website.

6. Before the end of the quarantine, you will need to book an appointment to take your exit PCR test at the RSC.

7. Should you receive a health risk warning or health risk alert at the same time as the electronic QO, the quarantine takes precedence.

8. On Day 10, if your PCR test is negative, you will receive a rescindment SMS and your QO will end. Do continue with daily self-administered ART from Days 11 to 14.

Those identified as close contacts by TraceTogether data may receive a health risk warning (HRW) or health risk alert (HRA), depending on the degree of risk exposure.

What to do if you receive a health risk warning

- A notification will be sent via SMS.

- Take a PCR test upon receiving the notice and self-isolate until you get a negative PCR test result.

- Take another PCR test at the end of the period stated in the HRW.

- Take ARTs as advised in the SMS.

What to do if you receive a health risk alert

- A notification will be sent via SMS.

- You are strongly encouraged to go for a free PCR test.

- Minimise interactions with others, even though there are no movement restrictions.

- Monitor your health for the next 10 days upon receiving the notice and take ARTs as advised in your SMS, if necessary.

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