Woman who helped husband beat up friend jailed for 2 months

SINGAPORE - Thinking that her husband's friend owed them money, a 36-year-old woman stabbed him with a pair of scissors and repeatedly struck his head with her motorcycle helmet.

Lenny Suriana Yusoff Ali was on Wednesday (April 11) sentenced to two months' jail for her role in assaulting Mr Mohamad Nurhisham Mohamad Salim, 30.

The court heard that on Dec 13, 2014, Lenny's husband Azlan Mohamed Ramlee, 32, lied to her that Mr Nurhisham, his friend of 10 years, owed him money.

Lenny then accompanied Azlan to Mr Nurhisham's flat at about 3.35am armed with a motorcycle helmet each.

Azlan accused Mr Nurhisham of knowingly selling him an iPhone that was stolen property, said Deputy Public Prosecutor Rachel Tan.

Mr Nurhisham denied the accusation and quarelled with Azlan.

A fight soon broke out after Mr Nurhisham knocked his head against Azlan's forehead, and the latter retaliated by punching his nose.

Lenny joined in the fight and struck Mr Nurhisham several times on his head, back and arms with her motorcycle helmet. She also went into the kitchen and swept items, including an ironing board, onto the floor.

Mr Nurhisham's mother, Madam Saadiah Madan, 54, who had been woken up by the commotion, tried to restrain Lenny but she broke free and struck Mr Nurhisham again on the head with her helmet.

She then took out a pair of barber's scissors from her back pocket, which she had earlier taken from the kitchen, and lunged at Mr Nurhisham, stabbing him in the back.

He managed to call the police and was later taken to Changi General Hospital with bruises on his head, facial injuries and an abrasion on his back.

On Wednesday, Lenny, who was unrepresented, pleaded guilty to one count of voluntarily causing hurt to Mr Nurhisham and another count of voluntarily causing hurt to him with a dangerous weapon.  Four other charges were considered during sentencing.

For each count of voluntarily causing hurt, Lenny could have been jailed for two years and fined $5,000.

Azlan was jailed  one year and three weeks on July 27 last year. 

Correction note: An earlier version of this story said that Lenny pleaded guilty to two counts of voluntarily causing hurt. She pleaded guilty to only one such count and another of voluntarily causing hurt with a dangerous weapon. We are sorry for the error.