Woman posed as man online to get into relationship with another woman, jailed for intimidation

SINGAPORE - A Singaporean woman pretended to be a man on social media and got into an online relationship with another woman, who was unaware of her actual gender.

Durrah Faiqah Mohammad Mokhtar, 27, was in a relationship with the victim, a 29-year-old Malaysian, for more than a year though they did not meet in person. The victim would send Durrah sexy photos of herself .

When the victim repeatedly asked to meet Durrah, she refused and threatened to disseminate the photos.

On Thursday (Feb 1), the Singaporean was jailed for five months after pleading guilty to one count each of criminal intimidation and stalking.

The court heard that it all started in April 2014, when Durrah set up online profiles on Instagram and Facebook, pretending to be a male pilot.

The Malaysian woman chanced upon Durrah's Instagram account later that month and they entered into a relationship online after contacting each other through WhatsApp.

She sent Durrah about 10 photographs of herself, either topless or in underwear.

Slightly more than a year after they met, in July 2015, the Malaysian wanted to split up as Durrah refused to meet her in person.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Esther Tang said: "The accused then threatened the victim by stating that she would disseminate the obscene photos. As the accused and the victim reconciled, the accused did not disseminate any of the obscene photos on this occasion."

But some time in mid-2015, Durrah threatened to post the photos online unless the victim provided her with her Facebook and Instagram account passwords, said the DPP.

The victim did so reluctantly.

In October 2015, she again told Durrah that she wanted to break up.

DPP Tang added: "When the victim did not reply to the accused's WhatsApp messages, the accused had threatened the victim by stating that she would disseminate the obscene photos to her brother.

"Eventually, the accused did send the obscene photos to the victim's brother via Facebook, using the victim's account. The accused told the victim's brother that the obscene photographs would become 'viral' if the victim did not reply to her WhatsApp messages."

On April 25, 2016, Durrah logged into the Malaysian woman's Facebook account and sent the pictures to the latter's friends. The victim alerted the police in Singapore the next day.

Between April and September that year, Durrah created eight Instagram accounts to post the pictures. After doing so, she would alert the woman to cause her distress.

Police officers later tracked down Durrah and arrested her.

The Singaporean, who was unrepresented in court on Thursday, said she was remorseful and pleaded for another chance.

Offenders convicted of criminal intimidation can be jailed for up to two years and fined.

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