Woman jailed for slashing married ex-lover

Jamie Chen Xin Yi slashed Mr Randy Lee Teck Choon on the chest after alighting from his car at Block 759 Woodlands Avenue 6.
Jamie Chen Xin Yi slashed Mr Randy Lee Teck Choon on the chest after alighting from his car at Block 759 Woodlands Avenue 6.PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM GOOGLE MAPS

SINGAPORE (THE NEW PAPER) - With no friends or family present, a woman was left crying in the dock on Wednesday as she was sentenced to four months in jail.

Jamie Chen Xin Yi, 23, was found guilty of slashing a married man she had an affair with, leaving him with a 22cm cut that needed 29 stitches.

Chen had slashed Mr Randy Lee Teck Choon, 42, on Sept 17, 2017, using a penknife with a 7cm blade after he refused to go on a work trip to China with her.

They had started an affair about two years before the attack, having met while she was distributing fliers for his company. Chen had allegedly harassed Mr Lee's wife during the period, badgering her to divorce him.

The couple, who have two children, have since filed for divorce.

Chen bought tickets for herself and Mr Lee to fly to China on Sept 18, 2017. Mr Lee claimed he had ended the affair prior to the trip, but had kept in touch with her.

They met for lunch the day before the planned trip, and he told Chen he was not going with her.

They argued over the trip while he was driving her home and she slapped him multiple times. They were still arguing in the car when they arrived at Block 759 Woodlands Avenue 6.

Chen took out the penknife and scratched the car windows. She then got out shouting, before slashing Mr Lee across the chest.


Deputy Public Prosecutor Delicia Tan said Chen should not get probation and urged the court to jail her for six months. She said there was poor prospect of rehabilitation because Chen did not have any familial support, as she had not spoken to any of her family members since April.

Her parents were also unwilling to be bonded for $5,000 to assure her good behaviour.

A stay of execution for the jail term was granted after Chen indicated she wanted to file an appeal. She was also offered bail of $20,000. She has since filed an appeal against the conviction.

For voluntarily causing hurt by using a dangerous weapon, she could have been jailed for up to seven years, fined, or both.

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