What is a Mandatory Treatment Order, and who gets it?


SINGAPORE - Teenage blogger Amos Yee was remanded for a further two weeks on Tuesday at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH), after a judge called for a report to see if he was suitable for a Mandatory Treatment Order (MTO).

If he receives an MTO, Yee will avoid a jail term but must undergo psychiatric treatment for up to two years.

Implemented in 2010, the MTO is a community sentencing option for offenders suffering from mental conditions which have contributed to their committing the offence.

Here are five past occasions when the court handed out an MTO:

1. Kok Ai Ling

The 37-year-old was given a one-year MTO on Jan 23 after she was found guilty of abusing two of her Indonesian maids.

Kok, who suffers from major depression, had kicked and slapped each maid on several occasions, and even dragged one of them along the floor by her hair.

2. Zach Sim Chu Hong

The 18-year-old was given a one-year MTO on Oct 3 last year, after he sneaked into a Clementi condominium and sniffed a maid's bra to satisfy his underwear fetish.

Sim had climbed into one of the condominium units via its balcony and entered the 40-year-old Filipino maid's room.

While sniffing her bra, however, he bumped into her bed frame and woke her up. He fled but was later caught by the police.

3. Zainal Ariffin Selamat

The schizophrenic man was given a two-year MTO on Sept 12 last year for barging into a woman's hotel room with the intent to rape her.

Ariffin, 38, had spotted the woman carrying her luggage in the lift lobby at Marina Bay Sands Hotel and followed her to her room.

When she opened the door, he rushed towards her and pushed her inside. She screamed and her boyfriend, who ran out of the bathroom, detained Ariffin.

4. Jonathan Peh Song Wee

The Defence Science and Technology Agency scholar was given a 12-month MTO on May 15 last year for stealing bras from his neighbour and university hostels.

A horde of 228 bras were found in the home of the 26-year-old research engineer. He had stolen them when their owners had left them out to dry in various common corridors.

5. Tan Khim Seng

The former Trans-Cab taxi driver was given a two-year MTO on Sept 18, 2013, after he went on a hit-and-run spree, ramming into 10 cars islandwide.

The 51-year-old, who suffers from bipolar disorder, had also attacked the driver of one of the cars, choking him at the neck, and used a windscreen wiper to damage a taxi he later collided with.

Police caught up with him at Boon Lay, and had to force him out of his his cab.