Two lawyers charged with trying to obstruct the course of justice

Lawyers Wee Hong Shern (left) and Ong Peng Boon (centre) and a third man who is said to be linked to their cases, Selva Kumar Subramaniam, were each offered bail of $10,000. ST PHOTOS: WONG KWAI CHOW

SINGAPORE - Two lawyers were charged in a district court on Thursday (Sept 10) with attempting to intentionally obstruct the course of justice.

Wee Hong Shern, 33, and Ong Peng Boon, 64, are accused of committing the offence on May 10 last year.

A search on the Ministry of Law's website showed that Ong is a director at Ong & Co law firm while Wee is a sole proprietor of Adeptus Law Corporation.

A third man, Selva Kumar Subramaniam, 42, who is said to be linked to their cases, was also handed a similar charge on Thursday.

Selva Kumar is accused of attempting to intentionally obstruct the court of justice by providing some information to Wee, who was then his defence lawyer, between 10am and 11.51 am on May 10 last year.

According to court documents, the information was allegedly linked to an investigation by the Singapore Customs.

It was said to be sent to alert a syndicate dealing with duty unpaid cigarettes to clear its premises of the goods.

Wee is then said to have sent Ong a text message at around 11.52am.

He is accused of stating: "I talked to Ah Boon to update. Basically: Buffalo is busted. Factory is Safe for now but he warns it's only a matter of time before they find out where it is as they have the SD cars of Ah Boon's vehicle.

"They can trace buffalo and find factory eventually. So he said to clear everything from Factory ASAP.Evidence has come out that ST has been paid by China man. His Zello phone was seized and he didn't have time do delete convos. Bail opened at 55K."

It was not clear in court documents what the text message was referring to. The documents also did not reveal further details about the case involving the cigarettes or Ah Boon's identity.

Ong is accused of forwarding the message to a man known only as Tan Hock Ann whose details were also not revealed in court documents.

The three Singaporeans were each offered bail of $10,000 on Thursday and their pre-trial conference will be held on Oct 5.

Offenders convicted of intentionally obstructing the course of justice can be jailed for up to seven years and fined.

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