Two jailed for punching and kicking driver

Muhammad Isrrat Mohd Ismail and Muhammad Dannie Ruzaini Abdullah were both jailed for attacking a man.
Muhammad Isrrat Mohd Ismail and Muhammad Dannie Ruzaini Abdullah were both jailed for attacking a man. PHOTO: ST FILE

SINGAPORE - Two men were jailed on Tuesday (March 14) for attacking a driver who was involved in a dispute with their accomplice.

The accomplice, Andrei Bu Kiah Koon, 20, bore a grudge against Mr Rohaizman Rahmat, 32, who had punched him in the face during a dispute last year (2016).

On May 29 last year (2016), Bu chanced upon Mr Rohaizman at the Coffee Bean outlet at Ang Mo Kio Hub and confronted him.

Bu walked away and called Muhammad Isrrat Mohd Ismail, 22, and Muhammad Dannie Ruzaini Abdullah, 20, to meet him at the hub along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 to confront the victim together.

Sometime later, the trio confronted Mr Rohaizman who asked Bu why he had brought along two others. Bu threw him a punch on the face, and the victim punched him back.

Isrrat and Dannie stood at the side and watched the first fight, said Deputy Public Prosecutor Michelle Lu.

After they stopped fighting, Dannie challenged the victim to a fight, and both got into an argument.

Isrrat suddenly punched the victim's face once, causing him to bleed. Dannie then joined in and both Dannie and Isrrat assaulted the victim who fell to the ground.

They continued punching and kicking the victim on the ground. Mr Rohaizman did not retaliate at all times, and had tried to block himself from the assault.

When Mr Rohaizman ran across the road, the two gave chase. They stopped and left the scene as there were cars honking at them.

Mr Rohaizman suffered a 9cm-long wound on the left side of his face that exposed bone and a cut on his ear lobe. He underwent a microsurgical nerve repair of his left facial nerve.

He suffers, among other things, weakness on the left side of his face. He has a limited smile and is also unable to raise his left eyebrow and cannot fully close his left eye.

A doctor said he is likely to have a permanent scar.

Isrrat had convictions for theft in dwelling, causing grievous hurt, rioting, mischief and unlawful assembly and had been sentenced to reformative training twice. Dannie was given reformative training in 2013 for vehicle theft, driving without a valid licence and rioting.

District Judge Lim Keng Yeow sentenced Isrrat to 18 weeks' jail while Dannie was given four months for causing hurt to the victim, and three months for forging a medical memo to prisons purportedly signed by a doctor. His sentences are consecutive, making a total of seven months' jail.

Bu was fined $1,000 for affray last November.

Isrrat and Dannie could have been jailed for up to two years, fined up to $5,000, or both.