Tour guide jailed for 4 weeks for assaulting taxi driver

Han Seok Yeong was jailed for four weeks on Wednesday (July 13) for assaulting a taxi driver while drunk.
Han Seok Yeong was jailed for four weeks on Wednesday (July 13) for assaulting a taxi driver while drunk.PHOTO: ST FILE

SINGAPORE - A tour guide who assaulted a taxi driver while drunk was jailed for four weeks on Wednesday (July 13).

Han Seok Yeong, 47, a South Korean and a Singapore permanent resident, had admitted using a pouch to hit Mr Lim Boon Peng on the head, kicking the 64-year-old on the arm and chest, and throwing punches at his face along South Bridge Road at about 11 pm on Oct 28 last year.

Mr Lim was driving his Silvercab taxi along Kreta Ayer Road that evening when he was flagged down by Han's two friends.

One of the friends asked if he could drive to Central Mall, and Mr Lim agreed. Han, who was drunk, got into the back of the taxi.

At Central Mall, Mr Lim found out from the apartment receptionist that Han did not live there. When he asked where Han lived, Han replied: "Tanjong Pagar''.

While driving along South Bridge Road, near the intersection with Nankin Street, Han suddenly hit Mr Lim's head twice with a pouch and asked him to drive to Sengkang.

Mr Lim carried on driving and mentioned that as Han kept telling him to drive in different directions, he would drive him back to Kreta Ayer to find his friend.

On hearing this, Han kicked Mr Lim twice on the left upper arm, causing the victim to lose control of his taxi slightly. Mr Lim managed to recover and continue driving.

He stopped his taxi and alighted infront of The Southbridge Hotel. He called 999 and motioned to Han to alight from the right passenger door. Han ignored him and tried to open the rear left passenger door.

When Mr Lim blocked him, Han kicked the door twice, causing the door to open. He then kicked Mr Lim on the chest, causing the cabbie to stagger backwards.

When Han alighted, Mr Lim told him to stay away but Han threw two punches at his face, one landing on the cheek and the other brushing against the driver's nose.

Han then charged towards Mr Lim who ran towards the hotel lobby and shouted for help. Two hotel staff members stopped Han. Police arrived soon after.

Mr Lim had contusion on the face and left shoulder. He was given four days' medical leave.

Han's lawyer T.M. Sinnadurai said the father of a teenage daughter had compensated Mr Lim with $930. He said his client understands the seriousness of the offence and regrets deeply for his actions.

Han has a previous conviction for drink driving. He could have been jailed for up to two years and fined up to $5,000 for voluntarily causing hurt.