Teenager ordered to undergo reformative training over counterfeit money ruse

SINGAPORE - A teenager who took part in a ruse to spend counterfeit $100 notes is now paying back her debt to society.

Nur Qairulnisha Rosmani, 17, bought sweets, cigarettes and drinks using the fake cash and was handed the change in genuine currency.

On Wednesday (Jan 30), she was sentenced to reformative training for at least a year after pleading guilty last November to two counts of spending the bogus money and an unrelated charge involving criminal breach of trust.

Offenders sent to a reformative training centre (RTC) follow a strict regimen that includes foot drills and counselling.

Qairulnisha is the second person to be dealt with in court in relation to the fake money scam.

Court documents said that Muhammad Faiz Sapi'ee, 27, came into the possession of 40 fake $100 notes in July last year and informed an alleged accomplice - 20-year-old Nor Shafiyana Iswady - who suggested using them to "cheat others".

The pair hatched a plan to buy items with the bogus money, though it was not stated how Faiz obtained it.

Shafiyana shared the idea with Qairulnisha and 20-year-old Zafirah Aziz, and both agreed to take part in the scam.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Kelvin Kow said Faiz handed Shafiyana five bogus $100 notes on July 22 last year which she could spend on the condition that she handed him back $50 in genuine cash for each note spent.

Qairulnisha and Shafiyana spent the fakes at a convenience store and an eatery in Hougang, buying sweets, cigarettes and drinks. They later handed $250 in genuine cash to Faiz.

It has not been revealed how they were caught.

Separately, Qairulnisha also admitted dishonestly misappropriating a mobile phone belonging to an 11-year-old boy.

She approached the child in Rivervale Drive in Sengkang last May and asked to borrow the phone so she could call a friend - but when he asked her return it, she kicked him in the chest, causing him to fall.

Qairulnisha then got the boy to pay her $20 to return the phone.

Zafirah was sentenced to a year in an RTC last month after admitting to her role in the counterfeit money offences.

An arrest warrant was issued for Shafiyana on Wednesday after she failed to turn up in court. She pleaded guilty to her offences in November last year. The case involving Faiz is still pending.