Teenage boy given 21 months' probation for sexually assaulting younger sister

SINGAPORE - A 17-year-old polytechnic student who carried out a string of sexual assaults on his younger sister from the age of 12 was sentenced to probation for a year and nine months on Wednesday (Aug 8).

As part of the conditions, the boy cannot live under the same roof as girls aged under 16 and any contact with his sister, now 15, must be supervised by an adult at all times.

District Judge May Mesenas also said that his parents must monitor his Internet usage and a filter must be installed on his mobile communication devices.

She told the boy: "You have to respect women... You need to reset your mindset on the way you see females."

The teenager, who cannot be named due to a gag order to protect his sister's identity, pleaded guilty on June 4 to one count each of sexually penetrating his sibling without her consent and molesting her. Six other charges for similar offences were considered during sentencing.

The boy was just 12 years old in 2013 when he came across a pornographic website while surfing the Internet.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Raja Mohan said: "The accused initially felt disgusted at the sight of pornography but soon became interested in it. Since then, the accused surfed pornographic websites... Eventually, the accused felt the urge to try what he saw on the pornographic websites.

"He went on to commit sexual acts against the victim since she was in close proximity to him and also because he was confident that she would not disclose what he did to her to others."

He was alone with his then 10-year-old sister in September that year when he called the girl to his room, saying that he wanted "to try something with her".

He also told the girl that he would report her mobile phone usage to their parents if she did not give in to his demands. The court heard that he then had unprotected sexual intercourse with the girl without her consent.

When his parents found out what had been happening, the siblings were given counselling and the boy was sent to live with his grandparents.

After six months, he was allowed to return home and house rules were implemented to prevent a recurrence. But the boy started watching pornography again and molested his sister in August 2016.

That same month, his mother found out that her son had continued committing sexual offences against his sister and the matter was later referred to the Ministry of Social and Family Development. The 42-year-old woman finally lodged a police report on April 3 last year.

On Wednesday, Judge Mesenas said that as part of his probation, the boy must undergo counselling and psychological treatment. His parents and maternal grandparents were also bonded for $10,000 to ensure his good behaviour.