Taxi driver jailed seven weeks for road rage

Muhammad Fuad Kamroden was jailed for seven weeks after being involved in two road rage cases. PHOTO: ST FILE

SINGAPORE - A taxi driver who was involved in two road rage cases was jailed for seven weeks on Thursday (May 19).

Muhammad Fuad Kamroden, 32, pleaded guilty to hurting Mr Tok Soon Min by head-butting the 39-year-old and punching and stepping on his body multiple times at Takashimaya Shopping Centre driveway on Oct 12, 2014.

He also admitted punching Mr Tang Siew Chong, 54, on his face multiple times at the Plaza Singapura carpark on Sept 6 last year, when he was out on bail for the first offence.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Low Chun Yee said that Mr Tok's wife was driving a car along Orchard Turn and turning into the shopping mall when she almost caused Fuad, who was riding a motorcycle, to collide with the car at about 2.30pm on Oct 12, 2014.

After gesturing rudely at Mr Tok and his wife, Fuad followed the car and later stopped ahead and parked the motorbike diagonally on the road.

He approached Mr Tok, who had alighted. When they were near each other, Fuad headbutted Mr Tok on his face with his helmet. He punched Mr Tok's body several times.

A brawl ensued. Fuad continued to punch and push Mr Tok who fell on the floor. But this did not stop him from stepping on Mr Tok's body multiple times.

Mr Tok's wife came out of the car to separate them with the help of some passers-by. Fuad then left before the police arrived.

Mr Tok had abrasions on the forehead and cheek, swelling on the right upper lip and blood clots on his right nostril.

In the other case, DPP Low said Fuad, who was driving a cab, was about to turn into Handy Road when Mr Tang swerved his car to the left in front of the taxi, nearly causing a collision.

Fuad overtook the car and both exchanged rude gestures.

After parking his car at the Plaza Singapura carpark, Mr Tang approached Fuad, knocked on his driver window and demanded that he come out.

Fuad got out and started filming Mr Tang with his mobile phone with Mr Tang pushing the cellphone away a few times.

At one point, Fuad's face was hit by the mobile phone. He then punched Mr Tang multiple times on his face. While retreating, Mr Tang retaliated by throwing punches at Fuad. They were stopped by a security officer.

Mr Tang sought treatment in hospital for his injuries which included abrasions. Fuad was also treated in the same hospital for a small bruise over the back of his head.

District Judge Salina Ishak said that Fuad had reacted disproportionately to both incidents, although the victim was the aggressor in the 2015 case.

She said in the first incident, there was clearly a "deliberate and sustained assault'' on the victim, and the sentence imposed must deter Fuad as well as other like-minded offenders from committing similar acts for taking the law into their own hands.

Fuad could have been jailed for up to two years and fined up to $5,000 on each charge of causing hurt.

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