Spurned married lover jailed for unlawfully stalking cabby

For unlawfully stalking her ex-lover, Malaysian Ding Lay Hua, 45, was jailed for three months.
For unlawfully stalking her ex-lover, Malaysian Ding Lay Hua, 45, was jailed for three months.ST GRAPHICS

SINGAPORE - Over 11 months in 2015, a clerk harassed her ex-lover by sending him numerous text messages and calls accusing him of having extramarital affairs.

Malaysian Ding Lay Hua, 45, also dumped rubbish outside the cabby's flat, cancelled his wife's phone lines, left photographs of his daughter near his home and suggested in notes that she was a prostitute.

On Friday (June 16), the mother of three was jailed for three months for unlawful stalking. She had pleaded guilty on May 9 to the single charge which carries a maximum of $5,000 fine and 12 months' jail.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Dora Tay said that the pair had met at a coffeeshop near their homes in 2013, and became close some time in 2014.

According to Ding, they frequently had sex, visited budget hotels on a number of occasions between June and November 2014, and also travelled abroad together on trips.

Some time towards the end of that year, their relationship turned sour.

She then sent him numerous text messages and made numerous calls to his wife, alleging that he was having affairs, as she was angry.

Ding believed that the cabby also had another girlfriend. She used a marker to write on the wall at various staircases and lift landings to suggest he was a womaniser.

She also left rubbish in front of his flat, threw photographs showing the face and upper body of the taxi driver's daughter in public areas near their home and pasted notes intended to suggest the daughter was offering services as a prostitute.

Ding was warned by the police to stop in July 2015. But she breached the conditional warnings.

In October that year, she disconnected two mobile lines - belonging to the victim and his wife - as she wanted to get his attention. He had not been taking her repeated phone calls.

Her actions had caused the cabby and his family emotional stress and strained relationships, said DPP Tay.

Pleading for leniency, Ding's lawyer Steven Lam said his client was also a victim.

"She entered into a relationship with someone and thought she was in love, not knowing that he is merely toying with her," he said.

When she met him for an explanation, he threw water at her and told her that he was simply "toying with her" at all times, said Mr Lam.

The lawyer said when his client found out she had lung cancer in December 2014, the cabby basically ignored her.

In his report, psychiatrist Ang Yong Guan said Ding felt angry with the man for treating her as a "sex object", and for allowing herself to be manipulated by him.

Mr Lam said Ding, who now suffers from major depression because of the case, is deeply ashamed of her mistakes, and hopes to be given a chance to rebuild her life.

In her handwritten letter, Ding also expressed her deep remorse.

She said she did not know how to face her family, parents and society; had done a "very irresponsible act" to her three children, aged 13 to 21, and had been disloyal to her husband.

District Judge Samuel Chua said for 11 months, she had brought stress and embarrassment to the complainant and his family. The wife and children were "totally innocent parties", he added.

While he noted her personal circumstances and that she was a first offender, he said he must consider the gravity of what she had done.