SMS telling users that Singpass account needs to be reactivated is scam: GovTech

The message contains a link to a fake website where users are asked to provide their Singpass ID, password and 2FA details. PHOTO: GOVTECH/FACEBOOK

SINGAPORE - A new scam has emerged in which victims receive a message claiming that their Singpass account has expired and needs to be reactivated.

In a Facebook post on Monday (March 14), the Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech) said it was aware of this scam, warning users that the message contains a link to a fake website where users are asked to provide their Singpass ID, password and two-factor authentication (2FA) details.

Singpass is used to access government e-services like applying for public housing, and can also be used to sign legal documents digitally.

On Wednesday, the police confirmed that a report had been lodged. The fake website has also been blocked, said GovTech.

It added: "We urge all Singpass users to remain vigilant when transacting online (and to) always check the website domain when accessing a service."

Noting that Singpass does not send SMSes with hyperlinks, GovTech reminded users to avoid clicking on unverified links from unknown senders.

GovTech said: "If you are unsure of the legitimacy of a message, verify directly with the official agency and organisation."

In February, the police warned about another scam involving Singpass. Scammers would create fake surveys purportedly conducted on behalf of reputable companies.

They would ask the victims to scan a Singpass QR code with their Singpass app. Victims were told they needed to do so to retrieve their survey results so that a reward could be paid out.

However, the Singpass QR code was a screenshot taken from a legitimate website, and by scanning the QR code and authorising the transactions without further checks, victims could give scammers access to online services.

Those who suspect they have fallen victim to phishing sites can take these steps immediately: Reset your Singpass password at this website, and check your Singpass transaction history for any suspicious activities.

Those who encounter such scams can call the Anti-Scam Hotline on 1800-722-6688. They can also call the Singpass helpline on 6335-3533.

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