Security guard claiming to be from Ang Soon Tong secret society in viral video arrested

The 45-year-old man was filmed hurling expletives and claiming to be a member of a secret society. PHOTOS: SCREENGRAB FROM FACEBOOK VIDEO

SINGAPORE - A 45-year-old condominium security guard who was filmed claiming to be a member of the notorious Ang Soon Tong gang was arrested on Tuesday (Aug 29).

Police told The Straits Times on Wednesday that he was nabbed for the offence of being a member of an unlawful society.

Investigations are ongoing.

In a video that was first posted on the Singapore Uncensored Facebook page last Tuesday (Aug 22), the man - who was dressed in black with the word "Security" printed on the back of his polo T-shirt - was seen talking on the phone inside a guardhouse.

Besides uttering several expletives in Tamil and Hokkien, he was heard challenging the other party to "come down to Punggol" to meet him.

The video has since gone viral with over 130,000 views.

The man also claimed to be from Ang Soon Tong, a secret society known to operate in both Malaysia and Singapore.

The gang, which has existed since the 1950s, is known for conducting criminal activities such as gun-smuggling, drugs, illegal moneylending and illegal gambling.

Infamous gangster Tan Chor Jin - dubbed the "One-eyed Dragon" - was an Ang Soon Tong member. He was hanged in 2009 after the gangland-style shooting of a nightclub owner in Singapore.

Said a police spokesman on Wednesday: "The police take a very stern view of gang-related activities and will continue with tough enforcement efforts and come down hard on those who choose to be associated with gangs and their activities."

If convicted, the man could be fined up to $5,000 and/or jailed up to three years.

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