School bus provider charged with cheating

SINGAPORE - A schoool bus provider who allegedly failed to provide transport services to several primary schools and pre-schools as he had promised was charged in court on Wednesday with four counts of cheating.

Adrian Lee Chong Boon, 38, the director of Sindoz Group Pte Ltd, collected at least $50,000 in bus fees from five schools, according to a report by The Straits Times in January.

Parents of children at Red Swastika School told The Straits Times they had been unable to reach Lee to finalise details of the transport for their children, after they had paid him their deposits.

Adrian Lee Chong Boon, the director of Sindoz Group Pte Ltd, was charged in court with four counts of cheating on Wednesday. PHOTO: READER'S CONTRIBUTION 

On the first day of school, some primary school children from Coral Primary School waited for an hour for the bus to pick them up.

Following concerns raised by parents, the two schools terminated their contracts with Sindoz, citing its unsatisfactory services.

Three pre-schools later came forward to say they had paid deposits ranging from $3,000 to $7,000 to the company but were similarly left in the lurch.

Lee has been released on a $15, 000 bail and his case will be mentioned in court again on Aug 6.

If convicted of cheating, Lee will face up to three years' jail, a fine or both.