Recalcitrant offender used sharpened pen, metal rod to attack alleged debtor

SINGAPORE - A recalcitrant offender carried out two violent attacks on an alleged debtor, raining punches on him and wounding him with a sharpened pen and a metal rod.

Mr Adith Sarvotham, 21, went to hospital twice in the space of a month, and needed treatment including stitches and a blood transfusion.

Jude Philomon, 25 - who has a history of violent crime - pleaded guilty in court on Thursday (Sept 6) to two counts of causing hurt with a weapon.

He also admitted to one count each of criminal intimidation, drug consumption as well as driving without a valid licence and insurance.

Mr Adith was sitting at the void deck of Block 323 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 at around 5pm on March 7 last year when Jude and his alleged accomplice Murali Vigneshwaran, 28, approached him.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Michael Quilindo said: "Jude confronted the victim as he wanted the victim to return him the money that he borrowed from him. During the confrontation, Murali took out a pen with a sharpened end from his sling bag and handed it to Jude."

Court documents did not reveal the amount owed. Mr Adith walked away and used his mobile phone to record a video of the two men as they followed him.

The DPP said that Murali kicked the device away. Jude rained punches on Mr Adith and stabbed him three times with the pen before fleeing with Murali.

Mr Adith sought help from a witness who called for an ambulance. He was taken to hospital with three stab wounds on his upper back and police were alerted.

On April 2 last year, Mr Adith was drinking with friends at the void deck of Block 145 Yishun Street 11 at around 7.30pm when Jude - who was wielding a sharpened metal rod - confronted him about the video which he had recorded and told him to withdraw a case he had made against him.

Mr Adith ran away but was chased by Jude and Murali. Mr Adith fell and Jude struck him with the rod while Murali allegedly kicked him twice. The two attackers then ran away.

Mr Adith was treated for multiple slash wounds on his limbs and lower back.

In a separate incident, Jude was arrested last November after challenging a motorist to a fight while wielding a baton in a road rage incident. His urine was later found to contain traces of methamphetamine.

He will be sentenced on Friday. The case involving Murali is pending.