Recalcitrant offender jailed after throwing his faeces at ex-girlfriend at food stall

SINGAPORE - Unhappy with his girlfriend after she ended their relationship, an unemployed man went to an Orchard Road food stall where she worked, armed with a bag of his own faeces, and flung its contents at her.

His waste splattered onto the woman's left arm and some landed on her colleague's face. Faecal matter also landed on the counter of the women's workplace as well as one belonging to another eatery nearby.

As a result, both food outlets had to stop operating for the rest of the day and suffered losses totalling more than $5,000.

The recalcitrant offender, 48, who committed the foul act in September last year, had been released from prison the year before after serving seven years for property-related offences.

He was jailed for two years and two months on Monday (May 14) after he pleaded guilty to criminal intimidation, mischief, using criminal force on his former girlfriend, assault, theft and harassment.

He cannot be named due to a gag order to protect the 28-year-old woman's identity.

The man and his girlfriend used to work as kitchen helpers at a chicken rice stall. Her woes started on Aug 15 last year after he threatened her with a chopper at their workplace following an argument.

She moved out of his home the following month and told him over the phone that she wanted to break up with him.

But he insisted that their relationship was not over and stalked her multiple times between Sept 6 and Dec 20 last year.

Once, he even put up her nude pictures - which he had taken without her knowledge - in a lift of the block where she lived.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Li Yihong said that on Sept 26 last year, the man defecated into a plastic bag, which he brought to his former girlfriend's new workplace in Orchard Road the next day.

He then threw its contents at her while her back was turned.

DPP Li said: "The complainant was shocked and was immediately taken by the foul smell. By the time she turned around, the accused had run away."

DPP Li added that the woman immediately called the police and the plastic bag was ascertained to contain human faeces.

Later on Nov 11, the woman was waiting for a bus at around 10.40am when the man suddenly appeared, wanting to speak to her.

He became angry when she said she had no time for him. He pushed her against a notice board at the bus stop before punching her face and pulling her nose. He also scratched her neck and bit her face before fleeing the scene, the court heard.

The man also committed an unrelated act of theft four days later. He had gone to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum in South Bridge Road to pray at around 2.30pm that day and decided to steal some cash from a donation box.

He used a piece of wire and some double-sided tape to retrieve about $20 from the box.

He was caught after the temple's security supervisor spotted him committing the offence on a closed-circuit television feed. The police were alerted and he was arrested.