Radical views are not held by most Muslims: AMP on ISA arrests

SINGAPORE - The radical views of 27 Bangladeshi nationals arrested last year are not representative of the majority of Muslims, the Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) said in a statement on Thursday (Jan 21).

"Their radical views are not representative of the views of the majority of Muslims in Singapore and abroad. We stand together united as one Singaporean community in rejecting such views," AMP said.

Extremist ideology should not be tolerated in "multi-racial and multi-religious Singapore", it added.

While commending the authorities for taking action against the radicalised individuals, AMP urged Singaporeans not to view foreign workers negatively.

The workers have contributed to Singapore's economy and community, and some have volunteered in mosques, the statement said.

However, the threat of Islamophobia is also a threat to Singapore, the association said.

Home Affairs and Law Minister K Shanmugam said on Jan 19 that there are increasing reports of intolerance towards Muslims around the world, and cited incidents in Singapore.

"Islamophobia is a serious matter and as one united Singaporean community, we cannot and should not tolerate any form of social phobia amongst us," AMP said.

AMP said it will continue to partner other organisations to strengthen multi-racial and multi-religious ties in Singapore.