Phishing SMSes target POSB users again; DBS advises customers to stay alert

DBS advised its customers to stay alert when browsing online or social media platforms. PHOTO: DBS BANK

SINGAPORE - Phishing scams dogging local bank POSB have reared their ugly head again.

Netizens reported receiving text messages from "POSB" purporting to have detected suspicious activity on their bank account, before asking them to follow a link.

A Reddit user claimed to have received a message stating: "This is your personal manager Emma. We detected suspicious activity in your account. Please follow the link to protect yourself."

In response to queries, DBS advised its customers to stay alert when browsing online or social media platforms.

"If they encounter any suspicious or unusual activity, which could come from websites, online ads, SMS or e-mails - they are advised to inform us immediately," said a DBS spokesman on Wednesday (Jan 16).

Customers can call the bank on 1800-111-1111 or visit for the latest security alerts.

In a joint statement last November, DBS and the police said that there had been a resurgence of phishing messages impersonating DBS and POSB.

More than 50 reports of such incidents had been made since Sept 20 last year.

Some examples of fake SMSes include one that claimed suspicious activity was detected in the bank account, and another that said all transactions had been suspended.

Customers were then directed to click on a link to confirm these details.

Bank customers who clicked on the links in the SMS were redirected to a non-DBS website, such as, or

Members of the public were advised to verify details received from messages purporting to be from banks and not to disclose details such as one-time passwords or personal identification numbers to anyone.

Those who wish to report scams should contact the police on 1800-255-0000 or

More information on scams can be found by calling 1800-722-6688 or visiting

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