Over $9,700 lost in first week of June to scammers posing as government and public service agencies

The agencies impersonated include national water agency PUB. PHOTOS: SINGAPORE POLICE FORCE

SINGAPORE - Since the start of this month, at least five victims have fallen prey to phishing scams involving the impersonation of government and public service agencies, said the police on Tuesday (June 7).

Victims have lost more than $9,700 so far and the agencies impersonated include national water agency PUB and utilities supplier SP Group.

In the e-mails or messages, scammers would claim that the victims had paid their bills twice and would offer to provide them with a refund if they clicked on links provided.

Upon clicking on the links, the victims would be redirected to websites impersonating these agencies asking for their personal information, credit and debit card details and Singpass login credentials.

Singpass can be used to access government e-services like public housing applications, and can also be used to sign legal documents digitally.

The victims would realise they had been scammed only when they discover unauthorised transactions made using their credit and debit cards.

The police warned the public to always verify the authenticity of such messages with official sources.

They said: "Do not click on URL links provided in unsolicited e-mails and SMSes. Never disclose your personal information, Singpass login credentials or credit or debit card details to anyone."

Those who discover fraudulent credit or debit card charges should report the matter to the bank and cancel their cards immediately.

Anyone who has information relating to such scams can call the police hotline on 1800-255-0000 or submit it online at this website.

For scam-related advice, the public can call 1800-722-6688 or visit this website.

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