One e-scooter rider fined, another jailed after victims suffered fractures in separate incidents

Tham Chee Boon was fined $3,500 on Sept 11, 2019, following a near-collision with a pedestrian who became startled, stumbled backwards and fell, fracturing her skull. ST PHOTO: WONG KWAI CHOW

SINGAPORE - An e-scooter rider was jailed while another was fined after two pedestrians suffered fractures in separate incidents.

Prime mover driver Tan Gim Moh, 61, was sentenced on Wednesday (Sept 11) to 18 days' jail for causing grievous hurt to part-time sales executive Tan Peck Lay, 58, by riding his device in a rash manner on a pathway in front of Block 760 Yishun Ring Road.

Shortly before the accident occurred at around 7.30pm on Feb 25 last year, Tan had been riding the e-scooter at a speed of about 20kmh to 25kmh on a bicycle lane with a cigarette in one hand while controlling the device with the other.

Ms Tan was then taking a stroll on the pathway adjacent to the bicycle lane. Deputy Public Prosecutor Colin Ng said that the pathway is shared by both e-scooter users and pedestrians.

As he was riding, Tan spotted two other pedestrians walking on the bicycle lane towards him. As he was obstructed, he decided to cut into the pathway but did not slow down.

The DPP said: "As the accused cut into the pathway, he realised that the victim was walking on (it).

"The accused tried to stop his e-scooter at that point but to no avail. The accused lost his balance and knocked into the victim from behind, causing the victim to fall forward onto the ground."

Tan and the two pedestrians helped Ms Tan to her feet and she asked for his contact details so that she could seek medical compensation from him.

He refused to provide his details to her at first, claiming that she had stepped into his lane.

But he relented when she insisted, the court heard.

Ms Tan went to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH)at around 10.20pm that day and was found with injuries including a fracture to her right wrist.

She was given 48 days of hospitalisation leave and suffered a loss of earnings totalling $1,680. Tan compensated her the full amount on Aug 19 this year.

In a separate case, another e-scooter rider, Tham Chee Boon, 36, was fined $3,500 on Wednesday following a near-collision with a pedestrian who became startled, stumbled backwards and fell, fracturing her skull as a result.

Tham pleaded guilty to causing grievous hurt to compliance executive Yeo Eng Koong, 53, by riding an e-scooter in a negligent manner. He did not hit her.

The paramedic for a private firm was riding home on a pathway at a speed of around 10kmh when he approached a traffic light junction near Block 362 Woodlands Avenue 5 at around 9.30pm on March 29 last year.

The court heard that the pathway is one that is shared by pedestrians, cyclists and e-scooter riders.

DPP Muhamad Imaduddien said: "As parties were approaching the intersection, their respective views were obstructed by large electrical boxes and construction barricades... The accused applied the brakes to his e-scooter and managed to avoid colliding into the victim.

"However, the victim was startled by the accused and stumbled backwards, causing her to fall and hit her head on the ground."

Ms Yeo lost consciousness for about a minute and Tham immediately assisted her.

An ambulance later took her to KTPH where she was found with skull fractures and a blood clot in her brain. She was discharged on April 12 last year.

Before sentencing Tham, District Judge Christopher Tan said that this was an "atypical case", noting that the rider did not collide into Ms Yeo.

For causing grievous hurt by riding an e-scooter in a rash manner, Tan could have been jailed for up to four years and fined up to $10,000.

And for his negligence, Tham could have been jailed for up to two years and fined up to $5,000.

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