New anti-riot weapon, electric unicycles, drones with sirens unveiled at Police Workplan Seminar

SINGAPORE - Trouble makers better watch out.

Troopers from the Police Tactical Unit may soon get a new weapon to help them better tackle public order incidents such as riots.

Called the P4.1, the new orange and black weapon resembling a rifle will fire projectiles or pellets filled with an irritant similar to tear gas. It also contains paint to mark rioters. As it is a less lethal weapon, it will allow the riot police to tackle violent public disorders without compromising public safety or causing unnecessary injuries.

This new weapon was unveiled at the Police Workplan Seminar and Exhibition at the Home Team Academy on Friday.

At the event, the police also introduced electric unicycles, which can be used by community policing officers to boost police presence in the estates. Electric unicycles are more portable than bicycles and are easier to manoeuvre in narrow lanes.

A trial of these unicycles is being conducted at Jurong East and Sengkang Neighbourhood Police Centres.

The police are also exploring the use of unmanned aerial vehicles or drones. The drones, which may be used during riots, will have features like sirens and high-definition wide-angle cameras. The sirens may deter rioters while the cameras will record the situation on the ground.

Other initiatives include a new uniform with higher air permeability for frontline officers, and a new vest which may replace the utility belt used by officers to carry standard patrol equipment. The trial for the new uniform and vest will start from June.

There are also new designs for police vehicles like the fast response cars and Traffic Police motorbike to increase visibility and boost deterrence against crime.

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