Mother jailed for assaulting teenage son and breaching personal protection order

SINGAPORE - A woman was issued a personal protection order (PPO) in 2017 that restrained her from committing acts of violence against her teenage son, but breached it multiple times this year.

She flung a ceramic bowl at the 16-year-old on one occasion and it struck his chin, drawing blood.

Another incident saw her using a bicycle lock to hit the boy once on his right collar bone, causing a small cut.

On Thursday (Sept 30), the 40-year-old, who cannot be named owing to a gag order to protect her son's identity, was sentenced to 27 weeks' jail.

She pleaded guilty to three counts each of assault and breaching the PPO. She also admitted to one count of criminal intimidation.

This was the second case in recent days in which a mother was sent to jail over acts of violence against her own children.

On Wednesday, a 38-year-old housewife was sentenced to three years' jail after she abused her two daughters, aged six and 10. The older girl suffered injuries including broken teeth.

For the current case involving the 40-year-old, the court heard that she was upset with her son at around 2am on Feb 28 this year. He had thrown away a table fan she had given him.

She flung a ceramic bowl at the boy, injuring him.

On April 6, she scolded him for not putting his slippers properly on a rack and they started arguing.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Koh Yi Wen said: "The accused then intentionally threw a small tin containing cigarette butts towards the victim, hitting him in the chest and causing him pain."

As he was walking to his room, the mother started to use her phone to record a video of him.

"The victim then struggled to take the accused's phone away, scratching her arm and chest area in the process. The victim then placed the accused's phone on a table and went to his room."

On another occasion on July 30, the boy came home at around 10.15pm and found that the flat's gate had been secured with a bicycle lock to keep him out.

He turned off the flat's electricity supply to get his mother's attention.

He tried to enter his home when she unlocked the door. Seeing this, she used the lock to hit him once.

The DPP told the court: "The accused then picked up a knife approximately 13cm long from the dining table, pointed it at the victim in a threatening manner, and stated in Mandarin: 'This is your doing.'

"This caused alarm to the victim, as he was afraid the accused would hurt him with the knife, so he ran into his room."

He alerted the police and officers arrived to arrest his mother.

For each count of assault, an offender can be jailed up to three years and fined up to $5,000.

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