Mistress who assaulted her lover's wife with a metal spanner jailed for two weeks

SINGAPORE - When a 49 year-old man wanted to leave home to meet his mistress but could not find his keys, he quarrelled with his wife, blaming her for locking him in the house.

He then called his mistress, who was waiting for him at the carpark below the block, and she took out a 25cm-long metal spanner from the toolkit in her car.

The mistress, 42 year-old sales manager Mabel Yeow Li Hoon, went up to the unit and struck the metal gate, metal lock and the wooden door with the spanner.

When the man finally found his keys and opened the door, his mistress made for his wife, a 44 year-old hairstylist, kicking her in the stomach with her high-heeled shoes and hitting her with the spanner.

On Monday, Yeow was sentenced to two weeks jail for causing hurt to the man's wife.

The man, his wife, and their address cannot be named to protect the identity of their 12 year-old son, who was a witness to the incident.

The court heard how the man made "half-hearted attempts" to block his wife and mistress from getting to each other.

When his wife slapped Yeow on her cheek and then ran to the dining table to pick up a chair to shield herself, the man took the chair away from her.

At one point, Yeow even stomped on the toes of her lover's wife with her heels.

When the man asked the two women to stop fighting and for his mistress to leave the unit with him, his wife pleaded with him to stay and held on to his hand.

But the mistress started biting the wife's hand.

The man finally left the unit with his mistress.

His wife was taken to Changi General Hospital by ambulance. She was given three days of medical leave.

The judge noted how it was "purely fortuitous" that the wife only suffered minor injuries.

The man's son, who had been woken up by the noise of the quarrel, stood by his bedroom door to watch the entire incident.