Man jailed for threatening businessman with chopper and knife

Sim Seng Guek was jailed for three weeks for using a knife and chopper to threaten the managing director of a multi-level marketing company. PHOTO: ST FILE

SINGAPORE - A man threatened a businessman with a knife and a chopper when he went to an office to cash out his wife's investment of more than US$300,000 in a multi-level marketing company.

Sim Seng Guek, 60, was jailed for three weeks on Monday (Nov 7) after admitting to threatening Mr Wong Yet Loong, 59, managing director of USFIA Singapore, by waving a chopper and a knife in a threatening manner with intent to cause alarm to him on Sept 19 last year.

A second charge of threatening Mr Wong's secretary at the Paya Lebar Road office was considered during Sim's sentencing.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Chong Yong told the court that Sim's wife, Madam Wu Jian Ping, had invested about US$327,000 in Mr Wong's multi-level marketing company.

A few days before the incident, Sim, his wife and the victim had met to discuss about cashing out and getting Madam Wu's investment back. Mr Wong had indicated the full sum might not be returned.

On Sept 19 last year, Sim showed up at the office to demand that the victim's company return his wife's money. He demanded that Mr Wong issue him a number of cheques to which the victim replied that he would need time to check the invoices and tally the appropriate amount.

Sim placed a red plastic bag he had taken along on the table. He then unwrapped the bag and removed a chopper and a knife from it.

As their dispute over the money became more heated, Sim picked up the two weapons and pointed them at the victim's neck. He then placed the weapons on the table and challenged the victim to pick up one and fight him.

When the victim refused, Sim swung the chopper and knife at him, banged the weapons on the table and shouted at the victim. He also shouted at Mr Wong's wife and daughter not to call the police or he would chop anyone who came into the office.

A staff member called the police, who arrested Sim on Oct 15 that year.

Sim told police that he had intended to use the chopper and knife to scare the victim into returning his wife's money.

Sim's lawyer Edmund Wong said his client, who has two young children aged four and 15, acted rashly in a misguided attempt to "take justice into his own hands" out of desperation.

He said his client, a family man, was genuinely frightened and worried that his Chinese national wife would divorce him if he did not get back her money from USFIA, which sells amber products and Gemcoin, a virtual currency.

Counsel said his client eventually got the money back.

Sim could have been jailed for up to two years and/or fined for criminal intimidation.

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