Man jailed for taking video recording of student changing her top

Wee Wei Jie was jailed for four weeks after admitting to insulting the modesty of the 16-year-old in a female toilet cubicle. PHOTO: ST GRAPHICS

SINGAPORE - A 26-year-old man trespassed into a female toilet at a junior college and intruded into the privacy of a student by taking a video recording of her changing her top.

On Monday (July 17), Wee Wei Jie, 26, a regular in the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF), was jailed for four weeks after admitting to insulting the modesty of the 16-year-old in a female toilet cubicle at Nanyang Junior College in Serangoon Avenue 3, on March 22 last year (2016).

The court heard that the victim had just finished a sports training session that evening when she entered the toilet to change. While changing, she saw a mobile phone above the door of the cubicle that she was in.

She shouted in alarm. The mobile phone disappeared, and she heard someone running away.

After she had changed into her top, she ran out of the toilet but could not find anyone around.

She reported the incident to her teacher. The vice-principal subsequently viewed the closed-circuit television footage outside the entrance to the toilet. It showed the victim entering the toilet at 7.50pm, followed shortly by Wee with a phone in his right hand, and then of him running out.

Wee was subsequently traced. He admitted to using the camera device of his Samsung S6 phone to record a video of the victim changing her top.

No incriminating videos were found as he had deleted the video recording of the victim after watching it on his way home.

He had told police that he thought of filming girls in the toilet because he wanted to do something "exciting", said Deputy Public Prosecutor Kong Kuek Foo.

Wee's lawyer Jonathan Wong from Tito Isaac & Co had sought a "high fine" as his client, who works as an engineer and is currently suspended, was keen to continue his service in the RSAF.

Mr Wong said it was a one-off incident and his client's offence was "completely out of character". Wee, the lawyer added, had consistently displayed good conduct, empathy, selflessness and discipline in the past.

In imposing the jail term, District Judge Chay Yuen Fatt said that there were "too many of these cases" coming up.

Wee could have been jailed for up to one year and/or fined for insulting a woman's modesty. The criminal trespass charge was taken into consideration.

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