Man jailed for stalking, threatening woman he had liked since primary school

SINGAPORE - A man still held romantic feelings for a girl he first met in primary school right up until they both turned 24.

But when Muhammed Hisham Mohamed Iqbal's advances were rejected he turned hostile - stalking Archana Subramaniam, and threatening to "cut" her and kill her father.

Hisham  was sentenced to 10 weeks' jail on Monday (May 28) on two charges for criminal intimidation, and one each of stalking and committing a rash act endangering the safety of others.

The court heard that Hisham began stalking Archana last November, although it was not said when he was rejected.

He tried to approach Archana at a convenience store in Telok Blangah on Nov 7 but walked away when he saw that she was with her mother.

On Dec 18, Hisham sent two threatening texts to Archana from a private phone number, saying in one that he must "cut" her .

He also made 16 calls to her over the course of Dec 23 to 24 alone - including 11 from midnight to 4.30am on Dec 24.

On Jan 22 this year, Hisham spotted Archana and her father on a motorcycle, riding out of a carpark in Telok Blangah Heights.

The court heard that he confronted them as he wanted to resolve an ongoing dispute with Archana's father, Subramaniam Naranasamy, 55.

Mr Subramaniam tried to avoid Hisham and began riding away. Incensed, Hisham picked up an empty bottle and threw it at him, hitting Subramaniam in the left eye.

Hisham shouted at him: "You come back, I will kill you."

On Jan 8, Hisham called Subramaniam from a private number and asked to speak to Archana. When told she was not around to speak to him, he launched into an expletive-laced threat, telling Mr Subramaniam in Tamil that he will "go buy a chopper now and come".

For criminal intimidation with a threat to cause death, Hisham could have faced up to 10 years in jail and/or a fine.